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Reader Polls

Fables Readers' Choice Award: Annual poll, voting in February and March

Million Writers Award: Annual award for online fiction, sponsored by storySouth.

Preditors & Editors: Annual readers' poll (voting in January) covering short fiction, poetry, zines, authors, artists, etc.

Wooden Rocket Award: Annual award for various SF/F categories, sponsored by

Awards and Honors

Preditors & Editors 2003 Readers Poll: Top Ten Finishers

Poetry Magazine
Short Story ("other"): "Uenuku and the Mist Maiden" by Chrissie Ward

Preditors & Editors 2002 Readers Poll: Top Ten Finishers

Poetry Magazine
Poem: "Smiling in the Frankincense" by Michael Chant
Artwork: "The Turtle God" by Megan Powell

Index of Online Fiction, September 2002:

Readers'../autumn02/goodbye.html">"Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" by Patrick Welch
Webmaster'../autumn02/tools.html">"The Farmer's Tools" by Troy Morash

Index of Online Fiction, April 2002:

Readers'../spring02/mother.html">"Mother's Love" by Nora M. Mulligan
Webmaster'../spring02/muds.html">"The Old Muds" by Troy Morash

Index of Online Fiction, January 2002:

Readers' Choice (3rd): "The Two Carpenters," Troy Morash
Webmaster's Choice (2nd): "Into Darkness," Lazette Gifford

Preditors & Editors: Truly Useful Site Award, October 2001

Index of Online Fiction, October 2001:

Webmaster'../autumn01/illusions.html">"Love, Lies and Illusions," Linda J. Dunn

Electronic Runes 2000 Poll:

Best Semi-Prozine (3rd)
Best Editor (2nd)

Preditors & Editors 2000 Reader Poll:

Top 10 Finalist, Poetry Publication

Eternity's 1999 Best of the Web Award:

Anthology Selection, "Jenny the Sew and the Elf Prince" by David Randall.
Honorable Mention, "The Horned Toad" by Daniel A. Olivas.

Site Awards

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